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LSA has the ability and experience to supply the full range of Internet services - including websites and e-commerce sites, email and domain names, plus the servers to provide secure and cost-effective hosting for them...


LSA provides web based solutions developed in a professional and collaborative manner, and our services span the whole project life cycle from concept through design and implementation to lifetime support. Our approach is friendly, professional, innovative and creative. We combine design flair, technical competence and business experience to create a finished product that gives you a professional, businesslike site that works, and your customers a pleasant, involving experience when they use your site.

Depending on your needs, LSA can put together a simple web site for ‘first timers’ to give an immediate Internet presence, or develop a complex interactive corporate website, including on-line catalogues or databases if desired, all based on state of the art technology.

When your new website goes live, we will organise submission of your website to each of the major 'search engines' (Yahoo, Google, Excite, etc.) and allow your potential customers to find your website by searching for your products or services.

Our aim is always to form long-term relationships with our clients, and we take pride that our clients see us as a key partner in their business. The Internet is a medium that is growing at an increased pace, and an industry that has provided businesses the chance to advertise their product or service in the global marketplace.

E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS - Sell your products over the Internet

We offer a variety of solutions that allow you to advertise and sell your products and services using the web. These range from an inexpensive solution to a sophisticated fully integrated system around which your entire business operates. Using the market leading Actinic on-line store software, our solutions will allow you to offer up to thousands of products, and will take care of all aspects of the sale - listing in the catalog, searching for products, taking the payment in a secure manner, and administering the shipping and paperwork.


Your web site and email need to be hosted on a web server system. We offer a whole range of hosting facilities and permutations to suit you. Our hosting services are built upon realizing that customers need a reliable, flexible host that has a fast connection to the Internet. After all it is your company name and reputation at stake if your web site is slow or cannot be accessed due to frequent or long periods of down time.


We can provide unlimited e-mail addresses for your business so that everyone can have their own individual named mailbox. We can also provide the servers and software so that you can collect and distribute your emails throughout the company automatically using your own company network.


We can register any domain name of your choice, allowing you to use your company name or business description with any suffix ( subject to availability ). So, for example, you can have your web site at and your email address could be

We are able to register all of the popular domain suffixes, such as '.com', '', '.org', and '.net'. Recently available are international domains, allowing you to register a similar domain locally in many countries - such as UK, Europe and Germany, which would be '', '' and ''.

What our clients say...

LSA are our designated website development team, creating from scratch a quality, easy to use website. Ongoing development and SEO maintain our high position within the search engine rankings.

Robin Wilson
Company Director

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